About me..

Crumma (1 Of 1)

Hi, thanks so much for taking a look at what I love to do.  I take photos constantly - I absolutely love it!  My aim is to capture those tiny little moments that neither of us had planned, those are the best. Not just the smiles and laughter either.  I love natural light and natural movement, just seeing what comes next.... Equestrian photography is a huge passion for me, EVERY horse and rider can make an amazing picture - I promise you.  For me it doesn't matter if I'm shooting in a paddock, your backyard, a restaurant, an office or a church - if I'm capturing something special (and everything is special!) then I'm like a pig in mud!

Ok I love taking photos - but I love other things too:

- my family!!  I am sooo lucky, I honestly have the best hubby and 2 little darlings that anyone ever had!  My world is based all around them and that's the way I like it :)

- the other oh-so-important members of our family - I cannot imagine family life without fur in it!  It's what I've always had and always will - the current count of 4 horses, 2 dogs and guinea pig will no doubt grow now that we have our own little farm.  

- my garden:  just like my pets,..I tried life without one for a while,...didn't like it!

- colour:  I will never be one of those people who just wears lots of black.  When I have a funeral to go to I have nothing to wear....seriously.  My photos are the same,...it is soooo rare for me to prefer a B&W shot of ANYTHING!

So what is my point here in this world of "Photography"?  My point is just to take beautiful pictures, of both amazing things and completely ordinary things - in fact I think the ordinary things are more exciting for me as they are what life is really about....everyday.  You wont find me photoshopping your pet into a cloud scene, giving him a fluffier tail and green eyes - I'd much rather show you how beautiful he is...just as he is in his favourite place in your yard.  Do you get my point?  KJ xo