Welcome to my "ready to frame" print shop.

I've selected these images from my personal collection - they are the ones I think MUST be shared.  They have each been photographed with purpose, not the purpose of gracing your walls but the purpose of capture the moment as beautifully as it appeared in front of me, that is always the battle, to show nature and life in a photo as magical as it is in real life.  I never want to make my images fake or fantasy or "photoshopped" out of all reality - I aim to make them as beautiful as the reality was at that moment.  Does that all make sense?? I hope so..haha.

My Limited Edition Prints are set at a run on 10 only, they won't ever be printed again after that, they are printed on the most beautiful archival quality cotton rag or metallics depending on what suits each image.  Hand singed and hand numbered - ready for you to frame as best suits your space.

My Daily Prints are also hand signed.  They are professionally printed on .....and priced with the intention that they can suit any budget (something that has always been important to me in planning my business).

So these are my pride and joy, professionally printed with the greatest care, hand signed, then sent with love to live in your home or wherever you think they'll be happy :) KJx

Please call or email if you require other sizes or mediums that don't appear here - anything can be done.